Innovate Your Engine Insulation

Developed to meet the high temperature insulation needs of the marine, aerospace, and defense industries. Learn more.

explosion proof engine insulation

Cutting-edge insulation technology.

High Tech Insulators uses a state-of-the-art process to insulate crucial engine components such as exhaust tubes, exhaust manifolds, and turbo chargers. Learn more.

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    Reduce surface temperature – The HTI insulation technology can reduce engine surface temperature up to 440%, resulting in cooler engine rooms and safer working conditions.

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    Extend engine life – Proper engine insulation creates a consistent operating temperature for all the engine’s components, extending the life of your machinery and reducing the amount of time and money spent on repairs.

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    Boost horsepower – Maintaining proper temperature during intake and compression allow engines to reach optimal horsepower levels.

Get more power from your engine.

When running any heavy-duty machinery, engine efficiency is crucial. Learn more about how HTI’s special process can improve the horsepower and lifespan of your engine while making it safer and easier to repair.

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